Menthol has been scientifically proven to work on relieving minor body aches and muscle discomfort.

PXPWellness products are the ultimate breakthrough formulation that works faster and last longer than the competition.

Each product delivers the ultimate dose of soothing relief that lasts 8 to 12 hours. Our Triple Action proprietary blend of ingredients supports fast recovery by blocking pain receptors, reducing swelling, combats bruising, improves healing, and enhances muscle and joint flexibility.

An FDA Registered Natural Pain Relief at its best! Our fast acting ingredients support quick recovery by blocking the receptors that tell the brain you are feeling discomfort, reducing swelling, combats bruising, speeding up recovery, and improving mobility and flexibility.

Apply PXPWellness topical relief products directly to the area where you are experiencing discomfort, without the need for oral medications.

People have been taught to use ice to reduce swelling. Ice does not reduce the swelling, but the cold sensation can lessen the feeling of aches and discomfort that have resulted from a reoccurring issue or injury.

PXPWellness is the ultimate breakthrough formulation. Available now online and at medical offices near you.

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