Frequently Asked Questions

If symptoms persist for more than seven days or clear up and occur again within a few days, you should stop use and consult your doctor.

Please refer to the product use directions for specific instructions on how often to apply PXPWellness products safely.

PXPWellness products can be purchased without a prescription.

A topical over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever is applied at the site of discomfort to provide targeted temporary relief of minor pain.

Pregnant women, or think they may be pregnant, should check with their healthcare provider before using PXPWellness products. If you are currently pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or breastfeeding, we recommend you consult a healthcare provider before using PXPWellness or any topical products.

We recommend you consult a health care professional before administering any pain relief products to children under 12.

We do not recommend that you do not use two topical pain relief products at one time on the same area of the body. If you need additional information, consult a medical professional.

PXPWellness comes in a roll-on liquid formula and an airless pump gel. In addition, PXPWellness has several other products such as; patches, bath soaking products, and sprays that will be released soon.

We recommend that you only use one PXPWellness at a time on an area of the skin.

Please see package instructions for simple application details for all of our products.

Patches are safe to wear under your clothing. Please refer to the package for complete directions and use only as directed. Yes, you can use PXPWellness products under your clothing, but we recommend that you apply the product in advance and allow it to dry before dressing. Some products may rub off on clothing items, so we advise that you test the skin surface to ensure it is fully dry before coming into contact with textiles.

Yes, we highly recommend that you apply PXPWellness products pre-workout or before doing any activity to help reduce discomfort.

No, it would be best if you did not use a heating pad while using PXPWellness products. Can I use PXPWellness products after the expiration date listed on the package? PXPWellness products should be used before their expiration date. The expiration date is a guide; after opening the product, we advise that you dispose of any unused product after two years.

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